Lukamari Campaign

A fund raising movement to support people affected by COVID-19 and nationwide lockdown.

Updated: 16th May, 2020

When I realised my album release shows for my new album Lukamari in Nepal had to be cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I was a bit dazed, not sure how to take this uncertain change of plans. Having taken over a year to write the album, 4 months of recording / production work, quitting my job and travelling to Nepal, I was really looking forward to playing these shows just like how I had seen it in my head. At this point the sheer scale of this pandemic had not registered through me. I went from planning to playing shows around Nepal to being locked down in a house for over a month. Eventually being in isolation in this lockdown opened my eyes to the disastrous magnitude of the situation we were in.

During lockdown, I with my friends formed a team and came up with an idea to build a website to release my new album through a digital platform (this website). Listeners were able to purchase and download the album for a digital copy of Lukamari. Our sole intention to develop this platform was to donate all the proceeds from the album to an organisation that were dedicated to help families affected by this pandemic and nationwide lockdown.

We started to look for foundations that were actively tackling this problem and came across Nepal Coronavirus Response Group. They provide a comprehensive list of organizations, groups and individuals who are working in the front-line to provide help to the most vulnerable and needy during the coronavirus lockdown in Nepal. Through this, we got in touch with Kusum Tamang (Project Head) of Hiteri and Deepak Chapagain (President) of Volunteer Corps Nepal, and decided to partner with them as part of our campaign.

We ended our fund raising campaign on 27th April, 2020. We received an incredible amount of positive responses from listeners in Nepal and abroad. With their generous support and donations, along with our sponsors, we were able to move on to our next step, funds allocation and distribution. Here is a simple breakdown of how its been distributed:


Since the coronavirus pandemic has hit Nepal, Hiteri has been reaching out to those who are struggling to make ends meet during this difficult period.

They have been distributing food packs to the families who have lost their way of income through daily contracts, construction works, house help jobs, street vendoring and so on.

Find out more about Hiteri

Volunteer Corps Nepal

Together with various organizations and individuals; Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) has set up an Emergency Response strategy against COVID-19, to respond immediately with a network of doctors in all 7 provinces of Nepal as well as Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

With their wide network, they have also been able to reach various provinces to provide food relief support to the ones in need.

Find out more about VCN

KAT Centre

The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre provides emergency veterinary treatment and population management for the tens of thousands of dogs on the streets of Kathmandu.

In such strict nationwide lockdown where thousands of street animals are at risk of starvation as their food supply dries up, KAT Centre are still continuing to rescue them as normal but also require as much support as they can.

Find out more about KAT Centre